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Why SpinCity Web

Why SpinCity Web?

Why should you list your business here or claim your business listing with us?  Let us tell you something.  Would you think your customer like to check out more than one website?  One for laundry place and another one for maybe shoe shine?  How about Google to find several different places and some of them aren’t in your town.  We’re all about customer convenience.  We’re here to save your customers’  time and effort.

  • One Stop Site
  • Customers
  • New Extra Revenue(s)
  • Solutions
  • Coverage
  • Much more

One Stop Site

We make it easier for customers to find business such as Coin Laundry, Dry Cleaners, Sewing & Alterations and Shoe Repair & Shine in all one place for consumer’s clothing care.


Sure, you have customers from your town or nearby that come to your place regularly.  Our mission is to bring you new customers such as digital nomads and travelers from out of town that might need your service.  They have SpinCity web on their smartphone.  Wherever they go, they will find you there.   This is why it is so important to have your business listed here.  In the future, we will have an app for that for more convenience.  How about prospective customers from your town never visit your coin laundry place before?  We can remind them that your coin laundry is their backup or they’re really behind with their dirty clothes and how can your coin laundry help them to finish in no time.

New Extra Revenue(s)

New Revenue(s)?  Yes, you bet!  We will be working on new projects where we provide you the opportunity to earn new extra revenues.  Stay tuned.  Hint Hint Hint. This is only for business owners that listed their business with us.


We offer solutions for those who don’t have websites or want to give up their websites to use our SpinCity Web page for their business.  We can do that.  If they still want to keep the domain name but give up their website… We can give them the URL and have their domain to redirect to their SpinCity Web page.  We can do that also.  If you still want to keep your website, that’s fine and you still can list your business here.


  • 2 Countries (United States and Canada)
  • 10 Provinces and 3 Territories in Canada
  • 50 States, 5 Territories and 1 Federal District in the United States
  • 8,734 Cities

In the future, we will add more countries, regions and cities.  For now, we need to focus on these two countries until we’re solid.

Much more

We have a lot of exciting plans ahead of us.  If you listed your business on the web directory with us today, we will mail you something cool stuff.

This is Only the Beginning