How to Earn an Extra Cash by Posting Flyers

How to Earn Extra Cash by Posting Flyers

Are you looking for more income streams from your existing laundromat, but you’ve run out of ideas? You already have a steady income stream from washers and dryers, and you make money from the vending machines selling beverages, snacks, and detergents. Maybe, a few of you make money from video games and pinball machines. Now you’re looking for some new ideas to create another income stream but you can’t think of one? Well, look no further.

Selling advertisement spots and posting flyers at your laundromat can create a new income stream. “Wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “I don’t have time to do a cold call and look for advertisers, and I enjoy my passive income streams from my laundromat.” Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend your precious time making cold calls and lurking for advertisers to buy your spots.

Good News!

We have good news for you! We have a way for you to attract advertisers that require little of your time, and you still can enjoy your passive income along with a new income stream. recently launched on September 1, 2021. Please don’t forget to check it out after you’re done reading this article.

What is Flyerlo?

What is Flyerlo? Flyerlo is an online marketplace for flyer distribution services. All you have to do is create an account with Flyerlo. Then you can create ad spots where you want flyers to be posted at your laundromat. When local, regional, and national advertisers browse laundromat places, they can review spots they like. Then they can buy one of your advertisement spots and submit their flyers. All you have to do is post their flyers at your laundromat and get paid. It doesn’t take much of your time at all.

You might ask where do I post flyers? Here are some spot ideas where you want flyers to be posted and seen by your laundromat customers.

Seven Advertisement Spot Ideas

1) Community Board

Many laundromat places have a community board. Customers and noncustomers from the community post their information there. This will be a good place where you can sell your ad spot and post flyers. You can have several different spots on a community board, depending on how big your board is.

2) Dryers

There are some places where flyers are posted on dryer machines. This is a good way to capture customers’ attention. Advertisers might pay a bit more for this spot than the community board. One spot on each dryer. If you have 20 dryers then you can charge your clients for 20 spots, or you can break it down into two different flyers, 10 spots each so you get two clients.

3) Entrance Doors

This is an excellent ad location where people walk in to do their laundry and then walk out after they’re done with their laundry. You can sell this spot and make sure to have the flyer on the front and back. Your customers will see this ad when they walk in and walk out, so you might want to charge more for this location.

4) Windows

Windows are a good flyer spot, but posters might be a better choice. Be sure to have a poster on the front and the back and charge it at a premium rate. Of course, this depends on the type of windows at your laundromat locations. Whatever makes sense for you. If you have big windows, commercial size, then posters would be ideal.

5) Vending Machines

Customers love to walk up to the vending machines and look at snacks or beverages. This would be an excellent flyer spot, but we wouldn’t advise a standard size like 8.5 by 11. You don’t want to block the view when customers look at snacks and beverages. You need to make sales from the vending machines, right? For this spot, you should choose a smaller flyer size.

6) Bathroom

Believe it or not, this spot is highly desirable and effective. Restroom ads can be posted on the restroom walls at your laundromat and are visible to your customers.

7) Sitting Tables

Customers tend to sit at the tables and waiting for their laundry. This is another excellent spot where you can leave a few flyers on each table for customers to take home. Do not put flyers on the folding tables. I am sure you’d agree with me on that one. Customers might find it annoying.

The Best Part About Using Flyerlo

You set your terms for your advertisement spots. Yes, seriously. It’s your laundromat, not Flyerlo. Flyerlo just provides the platform for you to use.

1) Pricing

You decide how much your spot is worth. Again, this depends on the placement. Not all placements are created equally. Before you start selling your spots, start at a lower cost and you will see how it goes. If it becomes very demanding, then it’s your opportunity to increase the price.

2) Placement

You decide the placement where you want to sell ad spots at your laundromat. You don’t have to do all seven-spot ideas. You can pick one or a few. Whatever makes sense for you and your laundromat.

3) Printer

Printing the flyers depends on the type of printer you have at your laundromat office or your home office. Most printers produce standard sizes where they print 8.5 x 11. Some printers have options for smaller or larger paper sizes. You can even buy a printer that prints a poster size if you plan to sell spots for your windows.

4) Material Types

Most printers print in black. You can charge clients extra if it prints in color or a bigger size like a poster size. You decide what paper quality and the quantity of print depending on what you decide for each ad spot. Again, you decide what kind of materials such as paper quality, toner either in black or color or both, and paper size.

5) Duration

You set up the length of advertisement, let it be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or annually. Whenever makes sense for you. If you come down every Friday to check and make sure your laundromat is cleaned then the ideal duration would be weekly. When you’re at your laundromat place, you take off the old flyer and then post the new flyer. In some cases, your clients will request you for a month-long advertisement and they will pay more for it.

6) Your Rights

You reserve the right to decline any kind of advertisement which seems inappropriate to you and your customers. Believe me, you don’t want any ads that your loyal, regular, and new customers will find offensive. Never compromise your principles and if advertisers get mad at you, let them be. It’s your laundromat, your reputation, and the ultimate decision is always yours. You can set your expectations in your ad spots too. If your laundromat place is a strong family orientation, then let advertisers know.

Your goal is to maximize ad sales at your laundromat and remember you decide your terms, the way you want it. If you realize that you have too many ad spots at your laundromat and they don’t look good it’s okay to make mistakes. You can always change your spots by cutting down the number of flyers you post. Your laundromat’s appearance and cleanliness are important to remember when creating your advertisement spots.

Disclosure for Advertisers

What information advertisers are looking for when they decide to buy your spots.

1) Foot Traffic

If you know how many customers come to your place, include the information on Flyerlo so advertisers know what your foot traffics looks like daily, or during the week and on the weekends.

Advertisers all care about the number of customers coming to your place and they know their ads will expect hits and misses. Share the stats in your ad spots so advertisers can know how many customers come to your place and how many people they can expect to see their ads.

2) Laundromat Hours

Advertisers might want to know how long your laundromat is open. If it’s 24 hours laundromat, then say it here. If each day has different store hours please list each day with open and close times.

3) Laundromat Location

Advertisers may want to know where your laundromat is located so include the address or name of the city.

4) Laundromat Name

Advertisers need to know the name of your business.

5) The Number of Dryers and Washers

In some cases, advertisers might want to know how many machines you have at your laundromat. They might offer you something and request a custom order for a “special spot”. You never know.

Please mention the above information in your ad spots so local, regional, and national advertisers will know a bit more about your laundromat place.

Call to Action

Ready for a new income stream? Come to today!

1) Browse around Flyerlo’s website and make yourself at home!
2) Create an account with Flyerlo.
3) Create then post an advertisement spot or several.  When advertisers love one of your spots, they will either bookmark it for a future order or they might order your spot right away.

When you get an order:

4) Print a flyer either from your work office or home office.
5) Post the flyer at your laundromat.
6) Get paid!



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